Connecting the Dots

We are delighted to launch a new branding for LDSF-Canada!

We strove for a design and feel that would identify with the disease and, most importantly, those affected by it.

We crowd-sourced our branding exercise and received 125 different entries for the logo and 200 for the slogan. Our objective was for our new image to reflect the following:

  • A positive feeling
  • A focus on the whole person, more than just the heart, as LDS touches multiple systems
  • A young disease that we are still learning about
  • A sense of action
  • A possibility to include multiple languages and cultures

Why “Connecting the dotsTM"?

Our new slogan was selected because we believe in connecting people, symptoms, resources and solutions!

For example, in order to lay the basis for a proper diagnosis, doctors are “connecting the dots”, in this case symptoms, conditions and procedures.  To pull together different resources and reach a solution for the well being of LDS patients, doctors and caregivers are “connecting the dots”.  It is essential to help our LDS community worldwide to stay strong and united, to raise awareness, to support research, because there is power in numbers! 

With our new image and logo comes a new website, as well as an emphasis on social media to enable all members of our community to connect, express themselves, share their photos, stories and to continue encouraging and supporting each other!

We currently share our know-how with groups around the world. Eventually, we hope to conclude agreements with individuals from other countries that share our values and focus in order to make our image and logo available for them to use in their efforts to raise awareness about Loeys-Dietz syndrome.

If you or someone you know would like to use the LDSF-Canada brand material, please feel free to email us at and we will be happy to discuss working together!