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Your generous donations allow us to improve and save lives in the Loeys-Dietz syndrome (LDS) community. There are many ways to give and make a difference for people with LDS. Thank you very much for your interest and support. 

LDSFC’s mission is to foster research, raise awareness, encourage education, and support patients and families affected by LDS. By investing in our mission, you will be helping us to create a meaningful and lasting impact for people impacted by LDS and related conditions. 

Registered charity

LDSFC is a registered Canadian charity based in Montreal and operating nationally.

Our charitable registration number is 808680607RR0001. Charitable tax receipts will be issued for donations accepted and received. 

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Ways to give

There are many ways to give.

General Donations

Donate Online

To donate online, please visit CanadaHelps or PayPal Giving Fund. 


Donate by Mail

To donate by mail, please send a printed and completed Donation Form as well as a cheque payable to Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada to the following address:


Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada
835 Avenue Selkirk
Pointe-Claire, Quebec Canada  H9R 3S2


Donate with Employer Matching

We accept employer-matched donations through Benevity. By taking advantage of your employer’s generosity, you can make your dollar go further. Find us on Benevity under “Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada”. 

Legacy Donations

Legacy donations are tax effective ways to support LDSFC as part of your overall estate, financial, and retirement plans. LDSFC is here to work with you and your professional advisors to determine how you wish to support our mission and what type of charitable donation today or in the future works best for you and family. 


Your personal legacy to LDSFC – your way.


Some legacy giving opportunities for you and your family to consider:

  • Gifts of publicly listed securities
  • Gift in a Will
  • Life insurance-based gifts
  • Proceeds from registered retirement plans – RRSPs and RRIFs
Gifts of Publicly Listed Securities

A straight-forward and cost-effective way to support the mission of LDSFC today and into the future.

A gift of securities is one of the most cost-effective ways to support LDSFC, immediately or through a gift in your will. When publicly listed securities are donated to LDSFC, the tax on the capital gains is eliminated. Any publicly listed securities, including shares, bonds, mutual funds, and segregated fund units may qualify.


How do I gift publicly listed securities and what are the benefits?

Making a gift of publicly listed securities is straight forward; As most securities are held electronically, your broker can usually execute a transfer to LDSFC in one or two days. Even mutual funds can transfer quite quickly.

You will receive a charitable tax receipt equal to the closing value of the securities on the date the securities are received into LDSFC’s brokerage account. You can claim tax credits for the entire gift in the current year of the donation or carry tax credits forward for up to five years.

Gift in a Will

A great way to support the mission of LDSFC in the future 

Designating LDSFC as a beneficiary in your will is the most common, and often the most straightforward way to support our mission in the future. To make a gift in your will to LDSFC, your lawyer or notary simply prepares a new will or adds a codicil to an existing will. Our legal name to add as a beneficiary to your will is Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada.


Benefits of leaving a gift in your will:

No reduction in personal assets during your lifetime while allowing you to support our mission in the future. You may change your will at any time if your circumstances change. For a gift in your will, your estate receives a donation receipt for use against 100% of your net income in the year of passing and in the preceding year. With recent tax changes, your estate may now also claim tax credits in subsequent years.


Common types of gifts through a will:

Specific donation: You may designate a specific dollar amount or an asset such as life insurance proceeds or securities in your will to LDSFC.

Portion of your estate (residual gift): You may donate a portion (percentage) of your estate assets to LDSFC.

Life Insurance-Based Gifts

Donating a new or existing life insurance policy is a convenient way to make a substantial contribution to LDSFC. 


LDSFC is now one of over 1000 registered Canadian charities accepting life insurance-based gifts. We are among over 200 organizations in the healthcare sector, over 350 in the religious sector, and over 85 in the educational sector offering this donation option.


To donate, your life insurance policy may be corporately-owned or personally-owned. By naming LDSFC as the beneficiary of your life insurance policy, your corporation or estate will receive tax benefits. If you designate LDSFC as the owner and beneficiary of a policy, you can realize tax benefits during your life as well as support our mission in the future.


Ways to make a gift of life insurance:


  • Donate a fully paid policy you no longer need
    • If the policy has been in force for three (3) years or more and you donate (transfer ownership of the policy) to LDSFC and the Charity becomes the beneficiary, the Charity will issue a donation receipt for the policy’s fair market value (FMV). The FMV is dependent on the insured’s life expectancy, which depends on the donor’s age and medical condition and can vary between 10-50% of the death benefit amount.
  • Transfer ownership of an existing policy with premiums still owing
    • If the policy has been in force for three (3) years or more and you donate (transfer ownership of the policy) to LDSFC and the Charity becomes the beneficiary, the Charity will issue a donation receipt for the policy’s fair market value (FMV). The FMV is dependent on the insured’s life expectancy, which depends on the donors age and medical condition and can vary between 10-50% of the death benefit amount.
    • If you make further payments to pay the premiums, LDSFC will issue annual donation receipts for the value of the premiums paid.
    • We accept Term, Universal, Term-to-100 and Whole Life Policies.  The Charity pays all medical underwriting and actuarial costs associated with the donation.
  • Establish a new policy that designates LDSFC as the owner and beneficiary
    • You can claim future premium payments as a charitable donation on your annual tax return.
  • Name LDSFC as the beneficiary of your insurance policy – you retain ownership
    • Upon passing, your estate will receive a donation receipt for the full amount that LDSFC receives under the terms of your policy. No tax benefit during life for premiums paid.

DISCLOSURES regarding life insurance donations:

Proceeds are treated as a disposition for tax purposes and are taxed on excess amount over adjusted cost basis, which includes all premiums paid on the policy less the net cost of pure insurance. Policyholders should seek their own independent professional tax, legal, and financial advice. A change of ownership of a policy may in the future limit the insured’s ability to purchase additional insurance as a result of limits on how much coverage insurers will issue.

Donors of life insurance policies will be required to provide consent to allow access to medical records for purposes of evaluating the life insurance policy. This information will be maintained on a confidential basis by the charity.

Guide to Unlocking the Hidden Value of Life Insurance – Brochure

Proceeds from Registered Retirement Plans – RRSPs and RRIFs

Giving retirement assets is one of the easiest, most tax-effective ways to support our mission. By naming LDSFC as a direct beneficiary of your RRSP or RRIF, you will avoid paying probate fees on those assets. This donation can also offset taxes owed on other retirement assets. You may designate LDSFC as a 100% beneficiary or a partial beneficiary of your plans.

For further information on ways to support LDSFC generally or in regard to specific programs, please contact us. We will be happy to discuss our menu of giving options with you.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for supporting our mission and for Connecting the dots!

Disclaimer: The information above is meant to serve as a menu of possible giving options to support the work of LDSFC. This information should not be seen as providing any financial, legal or tax related advice. Prospective donors are encouraged to seek independent professional advice in considering any charitable donations to ensure their wishes may be carried out to support the mission of LDSFC as part of overall estate, financial and retirement plans.

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