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Preparing For Surgery

LDSF Canada Pre-Surgery Prep for Patients and Parents

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Home, Hospital & Travel Set Up

Post-Surgery Setting (Back at Home)

  • Consider any special equipment that might be necessary for post-surgery recovery (things like a cane, a chair for the shower, a hospital bed, etc)
  • Will you have any medical help available during recovery (for things like changing dressings) or will that be taken care of by yourself?
  • Can the patient complete physical tasks, such as climbing stairs, after surgery?
  • Where will the patient spend time after their surgery when they are home? In the TV room? Is there a comfortable chair set up?
  • Stress - should try to keep it to a minimum as much as possible in the home environment
  • Tidy up before surgery and create a clean environment for the patient and family members


  • If surgery will take place away from home, think through travel arrangements for before and after surgery

Hospital Stay

  • Plan out a schedule beforehand of who will sleep at the hospital and when
  • Figure out who can bring you meals at the hospital

Child Care

  • Organize child care for siblings


  • Arrange for family and friends to bring food to the house after discharge from the hospital

Work & Finances


  • Arrange time off and tie up loose ends at the office


  • Pay all bills in advance of surgery to free your mind for post-surgery recovery



  • Hold a family meeting to discuss what's coming up and how everyone can positively impact recovery. Assign roles and responsibilities in helping out

Questions & Info Preparation

Info Review

  • Review materials provided by surgeon before the pre-surgery meeting
  • Prepare a list of questions for the surgical team

Physical & Mental Health


  • Consider better nutritional practices to improve health - either to gain or lose weight as necessary


  • Consider better exercise programs to improve health - this will help strengthen your body and help with post-op recovery

Mental Health

  • Consider seeing a mental health professional in advance to discuss coping strategies, such as a psychologist

Pain Management Strategy

  • Work with the surgical team before surgery to determine what is available to you and what the alternatives are if the initial strategy does not work well


  • Ensure you have a prescription to deal with constipation (such as Colace)


  • Consider skin treatments for back surgery if you have acne