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Physical Therapy for Loeys-Dietz Syndrome

Why is physical therapy important for people with LDS?

A physical therapist (PT) can help you to protect your joints, exercise properly, and decrease your risk of injury and pain. This is especially important for people with hypermobility or chronic pain.

Video: Physical Therapy for Loeys-Dietz Syndrome, Marfan Syndrome and Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

In this video, Dr. Healy (a physical therapist with a special interest in treating people with connective tissue disorders) discusses the importance of:

  • proper posture;
  • body mechanics;
  • manual therapy;
  • therapeutic exercise;
  • finding the right physical therapist for you.

Dr. Healy has confirmed that this video applies to the LDS community! However, please read the two disclaimers below.

Two important disclaimers from Dr. Healy:

1. It is important to find the “right” PT. The “right” PT:

  • knows about LDS and physical therapy progression or actively learns about it;
  • works with other members of your health care team;
  • has good manual therapy skills and therapeutic exercise knowledge;
  • understands that people with LDS need to be treated individually and will progress differently than other clients;
  • treats LDS clients in quiet settings (not too busy, bright or loud).

2. IT IS VERY IMPORTANT THAT YOUR PT DOES NOT ATTEMPT TO PERFORM ANY CERVICAL MANIPULATIONS. This can cause transient ischemic attack (baby stroke), cerebrovascular accident (stroke), dissection (nerves and/or blood vessels), Horner’s Syndrome, paralysis, quadriplegia, or in the worst case, death.

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Dr. Healy’s practice is located in Rhode Island and accepts virtual appointments. To book an appointment, go to his website at and submit a message specifying that you are located in Canada, heard about Dr. Healy from LDSFC, and want to learn more about booking a telehealth appointment.