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Appointment of Dr. Jida El Hajjar as First Executive Director


Appointment of Dr. Jida El Hajjar as First Executive Director of Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada

Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada (LDSFC) is pleased to welcome Dr. Jida El Hajjar to the organization as its first Executive Director. The mission of LDSFC is to improve the survival and quality of life of patients suffering from the rare connective tissue disorder Loeys-Dietz syndrome through research, support, awareness and education.

Jida El Hajjar is recognized for her extensive experience in research, management, and patient care. She has served as Vice-President of the Quebec Breast Cancer Foundation where she established the investment strategies to support the mission of the Foundation. Jida served on numerous boards of directors such as the Quebec Cancer Coalition and the McPeak-Sirois breast cancer clinical research group. She was awarded the 2020 ARISTA young executive prize organized by the Jeune chambre de commerce de Montreal, as well as the 2021 “Leadership au féminin” prize by the Regroupement des jeunes chambres de commerce du Québec. Jida holds a PhD in Molecular Biology from the Faculty of Medicine of the Université de Montréal.

“I would like to thank the board of directors of LDSFC for their confidence,” says Jida El Hajjar. “It’s a privilege and an honor to be leading LDSFC and to be working with international world-renowned researchers and health professionals devoted to improving the survival and care of the patients suffering from this rare disorder,” adds Jida.  “Many interesting opportunities are currently arising in Canada and in the world regarding the rare disease field to improve patients’ health, and so it is an exciting time to jump on that boat.”

“On behalf of LDSFC Board of Directors, I congratulate Dr. El Hajjar on this appointment. Her impressive experience will serve as a catalyst to connect the dots between patients and the right services, scientists with the right resources, by developing impactful programs and partnerships with key stakeholders. We are confident that Dr. El Hajjar’s leadership and management skills will allow us to build a solid organization,” affirms Mr. Joseph Galli, co-founder and chairman of LDSFC. 

With this appointment, Jida will be responsible for the establishment, development, and growth of the organization to ultimately fulfill the mission of LDSFC.

About Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation Canada

LDSFC is a Non-Profit organization dedicated to fostering research, raising awareness and supporting patients and families affected by Loeys-Dietz syndrome. LDSFC Canada drives its mission forward by bringing out of the box, unique visions to fruition. This atypical foundation receives funding from a unique Planned Giving program as well as traditional sources. LDSF Canada is beginning to change the landscape of how our community provides and receives education and life-saving health care. The foundation partners with leading medical and educational institutions to provide resources to the communities working and living with and Loeys-Dietz syndrome.