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March 24 2020

The Marfan Foundation has uploaded their latest webinar on how to handle the increased stress and anxiety that you may have due to the COVID-19 (novel coronavirus) situation. Click below to view more

November 09 2019

An Attendee’s Perspective

By Lindsay Parsons

The 2nd annual Heritable Aortic Disorders symposium was a resounding success with more than 180 health professionals and 40 patients and family members in attendance! This year, the HAD collaborative hosted the event at CHU Ste. Justine in Montreal, Quebec with the goal of educating and connecting healthcare professionals, foundation members, patients, and families over 2 days of presentations, workshops and networking opportunities.

Day 1, September 6, 2019

A multidisciplinary and individual treatment approach is important.

Not only do patients need to advocate for themselves, doctors need to advocate for their patients.

There is great variability between all individuals diagnosed with Heritable Aortic Disorders.

These were just a few of the messages that often resurfaced during Day 1 of HAD 2019. Presentations on Genetics, Surveillance & Counselling, Risk Assessment & Medical Management, and Surgical Management of HAD were heard by the attendees. These attendees included the experts who pioneered many of the topics discussed, and professionals who are newly being introduced to these disorders. Local Montreal doctors cancelled rounds the day of the conference more

August 30 2019

Check out this awesome story of building community and raising awareness about Loeys-Dietz Syndrome in Port Elgin, Ontario! more

August 08 2019

Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Pablo Ingelmo, M.D.Pediatric anesthesiologist

We’re excited to announce a new speaker, Dr. Pablo Ingelmo, confirmed to talk about pain. Join us at HAD 2019’s Family & Patient Day, September 7th, to meet Dr. Ingelmo.
Academic appointments 
Associate Professor, McGill University
August 03 2019

What is HAD?

HAD is an initiative led by 5 major Canadian universities and supported by LDSF Canada and GADA (Genetic Aortic Disorders Association Canada).  This annual conference brings the health professionals working with and patients living with LDS and other Heritable Aortic Disorders together to learn, share, and grow. The conference rotates between major Canadian cities with last year in Toronto and this year in Montreal. 

Take Action!

Attending Patient & Family Day on September 7th will give you the opportunity to meet international experts and other patients and families living with LDS and other heritable aortic disorders. REGISTER more

January 30 2019
January 05 2019

The Loeys-Dietz Syndrome Foundation has released videos from the 2018 Loeys-Dietz Conference held in Baltimore, MD.

Click here to view the YouTube more

December 28 2018

**CLICK HERE to register for the 2019 conference!**

An Attendee’s Perspective

By Lindsay Parsons

Together with LDSF Canada and the Genetic Aortic Disorders Association Canada (GADA), the Heritable Aortic Disorders collaborative brought a two day symposium to Toronto that can be described as nothing short of amazing! The two fully packed days were dedicated to educating and connecting healthcare professionals, patients and family members. Although this symposium was dedicated to all aortic disorders, LDS was at the forefront of most discussions. 

Day 1, November 30, 2018

The first day brought Physicians and Scientists together to hear presentations on genetics, counselling, risk assessment, medical management, and surgery. These presentations beautifully summarized the current research in these fields, but it was what happened after each presentation that was even more incredible. The floor was opened up to comments and questions from attendees. Many times, lines were formed at the two microphones placed in the room. Attendees brought forward both general questions and specific cases. Not only did the panel and presenter weigh in, but so did many other healthcare professionals in attendance. Experiences, opinions and perspectives more